MP: EP resolution attempts to cast shadow on serious success of Azerbaijan
19 Yanvar, 20:30   |    Baxış sayı: 573

MP: EP resolution attempts to cast shadow on serious success of Azerbaijan

The resolution on Azerbaijan adopted by the European Parliament on Jan. 18 makes an attempt to cast a shadow on the serious success of Azerbaijan achieved in the spheres of democracy, human rights, building a legal state, Siyavush Novruzov, chairman of the Azerbaijani parliament’s committee on religious structures and public associations, deputy executive secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party, told Trend.

"At a time when all civil society institutions based on the rule of law operate with high efficiency in Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, the adoption of resolutions of this type not based on any facts certainly speaks about the nefarious intentions of some circles represented in the structure that adopted this resolution,” Novruzov said.

He noted that apparently, some of the MEPs who had voted were either not familiar with the real situation in Azerbaijan, or, as President Ilham Aliyev noted, became victims of "cognac diplomacy” of the Armenians.

Novruzov reminded that in the Europe that faced the migration crisis, tens of thousands of migrants were subjected to inappropriate humiliation, persecution and discrimination, Islamophobia reached its highest, and even sometimes state level.

"Also, during the "yellow vest” protest rallies in France, force was used against peaceful demonstrators, inadequate actions of police, mass arrests were observed, and the attention of all world media outlets was on all this,” Novruzov said.

He added that the circles in the countries of which all this is taking place have no moral or other right to impose any demands on Azerbaijan.

He stressed that no structure or country has the right to speak with Azerbaijan in the language of demands and threats.

Novruzov added that the unity of the government and people in Azerbaijan is inviolable, and this will always be the basis for a decent response to all anti-Azerbaijani circles.

"Azerbaijan has chosen the path of mutually beneficial dialogue with all international organizations, and believes that only this path is effective,” he said.